Cleaning product dispenser for Waterflush toilets

Cleaning product dispenser that fits on all WaterFlush tanks. (Delivered with ref 3410002 or ref 3410003 )

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The cleaning product dispenser is integrated in the center of the Waterflush tank and is designed to distribute the cleaning product evenly in the toilet bowl without leaving any residue. The nozzle of the dispenser allows only a very small amount of product to flow through and mixes with the water in the tank. Thus hygiene is enhanced and maintenance is facilitated.

The capacity of the dispenser is 500 ml. A single 500 ml bottle of EcoNeves cleaner will last for a family of 2 persons over 2 months. It is therefore very economical.

When the dispenser is installed! The dispenser also acts as a stiffener. So there is no need to install the stiffener in addition.

Further information: The toilet bowl evolves! Nowadays, many toilets are equipped with rimless or flangeless bowls.

Why remove flanges? For hygienic reasons. Without flange, no more hidden and awkward corners (and sometimes badly enamelled, therefore porous!): the inside of the bowl is completely smooth and clean, and perfectly accessible during cleaning.

How do you fix a "hygiene unit" if there is no more rim?

Our BIO anti-limescale cleaning dispenser is perfect for it! It can be adapted very easily to the inside of our tanks.

Example: A bottle of 0,500 L has enough cleaning product to use for 1 month ½ for a family of 4 persons.

Equipment :
Cylinder tank

Filling pipe

Funnel with hose connection.


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