Rear wedge

Set of 2 rear wedges for the Waterflush toilet tank. A 32 mm PVC pipe (not supplied) is recommended and to be adapted according to the distance between the wall and the tank.

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The rear wedges (a wedge to be fixed to the wall and a wedge to be clipped on the tank) help secure the tank to the wall; they are used in certain cases such as toilets installed in public areas. They are not necessary for toilets in private homes. The rear wedges are generally coupled with the stiffener (see Downloading tab Setup guide for wedges and stiffener). We remind you that the Waterflush tank is made of ultra-resistant ABS, the same material as car bumpers.

Setup advice: The tank support must be glued with a PVC glue on the back of the tank.

Equipment :

Washer for wall fixing

Tank support

NOT SUPPLIED: pipe 32 cm in diameter


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