Adjoining toilet tank with diffuser

Economical and eco-friendly toilet tank, fully equipped and ready to use. No more flushing mechanism to change!

Delivered pre-assembled, it can be installed in less than 10 minutes. It is reversible, a water inlet from the left or from the right is possible.

Delivery time: within 8 days maximum for white and transparent designs. Maximum 3 weeks for the designs in color.

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Toilet tank guaranteed for 10 years


Free delivery in France for orders over 150€


Free return within 30 days

"WATERflush" is made of ultra-resistant ABS. Made in France, in Normandy, it is guaranteed 10 years.

The foam seal connecting the toilet bowl/reservoir, the adjustable fixing screws of the tank are no longer in contact with the water, eliminating one of the most common leakage risks in toilets.

Advantages of the WATERflush toilet tank:

  1. Water savings of up to 50 %
  2. No more leaks at flushing and toilet tank seals
  3. Fits all free-standing toilet bowls on the market.

The toilet tank includes:

  • Silent brass float valve 3/8" threads
  • Support foam seal
  • Stainless steel fixing screw for the toilet tank
  • Stiffener 


Installation tips: 

If you have a water inlet from above, a 30 cm hose (sold as an option) allows you to connect your new toilet tank very easily. If you have a water inlet from the bottom, a 50 cm hose is necessary.

For more details see our installation video:


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490 mm
415 mm
190 mm
ABS recyclable

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